Faeroes to head to polls

The North Atlantic territory will vote for a new legislature on 19 January

Faeroese premier Jóannes Eidesgaard was forced to dissolve the North Atlantic territory's legislature and call a general election early Friday morning, after negotiations to reduce the mandatory campaign period fell through.

Eidesgaard's governing coalition, made up of the Social Democrats, the centre-right Sambandsflokkurin and the conservative Fólkaflokkurin, is reaching the end of its four-year term, and an election must be held by 19 January.

But the coalition had unfinished business in the legislature, and sought to change election rules to reduce the mandatory campaign period from eight weeks to six.

The North Atlantic island group is a member of the Danish kingdom, but has a wide margin of self-rule.

It has two representatives in the Danish parliament. The support of one of the MPs, Edmund Joensen, of Sambandsflokkurin, allowed prime minister to assemble the 90 seats required to form a majority.


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