Votes for sale

A new website pokes fun at politicians’ empty campaign promises by offering the chance to sell your vote based on election topics

Tax cuts, welfare reform, two cars in every garage or more snow on Christmas - sell your vote to the candidate who keeps their promise on the issue most important to you.

Creators of the website ValgTilSalg.dk (VoteForSale) have given voters the opportunity to choose which election issue they think should take centre stage.

‘We thought, if politics is really about currying voters’ favour with huge campaign promises, then why not let the individual citizen decide for themselves which promise his or her vote can be bought with,’ said Torben Andersen of ValgTilSalg.dk.

Although it is not a legally valid agreement to sell a vote, Andersen and Co state on the website that should a person choose to participate in their programme, they ‘take on a moral obligation to vote for a candidate who vows to fulfil that promise’.

Response from voters on the website also gives an idea of which topics are most important - at least for those who have visited the site.

As of Monday afternoon, tax cuts for the highest incomes was the most popular topic, followed by more snow and bigger presents for Christmas and a tax limit of 50 percent on a person’s income.


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