Waving a white flag in Kabul

A Danish artist will march through the streets of Kabul bearing a white flag as part of a theatre project

Residents of Kabul will be greeted with an unusual sight on 28 February when a Danish man carrying a white flag walks through the streets of the war-torn city.

Part of a theatre project to promote democracy, Claus Beck-Nielsen will carry the flag of democracy, a white flag with a hole in the middle, where one would normally find a national symbol.

As part of the project, he will walk from the outskirts of Kabul to the National Theatre, a walk, between 10 to 20 km , that will take him onto centre stage where he will become part of the performance.

The play, 'The Parliament', written by Beck-Nielsen, is about an architect who wants to design and build history's first world parliament and introduce world democracy.

However, the endeavour is not without some danger and Beck-Nielsen was concerned about his safety.

'You never know what people will think. I carried flags with a colleague in Iran and we were constantly arrested by the secret police,' he told national broadcaster DR.

'In Kabul, Taleban and government officials, or even a stray Danish soldier from the Helmand province might think I'm doing something dangerous.'


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