Prosecutors say ‘truck bomb’ intended for newspaper

Details of trucks filled with explosives and European terror networks emerge in JP terror plot case Terror plot accused planned to use truck bomb to blow up Jyllands-Posten newspaper, according to US Justice Department officials. US citizen David Coleman Headley...

US citizen David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a Canadian citizen and native of Pakistan, are already in police custody for their alleged roles in the plot against the newspaper in retribution for its printing of the Mohammed cartoons.

Additional conspiracy charges were recently filed against Ilyas Kashmiri, who has been identified as a leader of terrorist organisation Harakat-ul Jihad Islami (HUJI) in Pakistan, which has connections to al Qaeda, and Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed, also known as Abdur Rehman, a retired major in the Pakistani military. Neither man is in police custody.

According to documents released by US authorities, Headley met Rehman and members of the Lashkar terrorist group in Pakistan. Rehman is said to have introduced Headley to Kashmiri who allegedly came up with the idea of the truck bomb.

Kashmiri is also reported to have put Headley in contact with various associates in a number of European countries ‘who could provide Headley with money, weapons and manpower for the newspaper attack’.

Since the initial details of the plot emerged in October with the arrests of Headley and Rana, the newspaper has tightened security at its Copenhagen and Århus locations.

The newspaper has also hired a head of security in the form of Torben Schiøtt, who has worked with the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) for the last 10 years.

He will be responsible for seeing through changes to security systems as well as training staff how to react in the case of a possible terrorist attack.

‘Hopefully the employees will get even more of a sense that we’re taking security seriously when there are people out there who say they want to threaten us. We’re taking action as if it could be a reality,’ said Jens Bruun, group managing director of Jyllands-Posten’s publisher.


The Copenhagen Post

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