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Film interns brand their butts with company logo

Film union blasts production company for enticing interns to tattoo their bottoms with the company logo Film company Zentropa is promising its student workers better pay and faster career advancement if they get the company’s logo tattooed on their rear...

Every year about seven students enter the three-year training programme at the company. They work for free for the first six months, before their salary increases to 12,500 per month by their final year.

So far, six of the current 25 students working at the production company have opted to get the free tattoo of the company logo.

Producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen has compromised on the tattoos’ location and while the plan was to tattoo the backside, a couple of students have been allowed to get it on their wrist or arm.

‘Naturally I have great visions for the tattoo project. I enjoy the thought that in 10 years, many of these students will sit their Zentropa-tattooed asses in the executive chairs of the Danish film and television industry,’ Jensen told

About a third of students eventually go on to work for Zentropa after their internship and Jensen said those with tattoos had an advantage.

‘It’s no secret that the students who choose to get tattoos have a far greater chance of getting a job at Zentropa in the future and during their internship they will also advance quicker up the hierarchy and get more pay than others,’ he explained.

The film and television worker’s union FAF has accused Zentropa’s initiative of being nothing more than a media stunt.

‘That Peter Aalbæk Jensen is urging his students, who are at the bottom of the film industry food-chain, to get a tattoo, is disgusting. He’s abusing his position by promising them quicker advancement and better salaries,’ FAF chairman Jens Bidstrup said.

He advised students to get the Zentropa’s tattoo promise in writing.


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