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Hundreds of Santas and their helpers gathered yesterday to celebrate the marriage of two special elves It was the Danish wedding of the year; not even the royals could have topped it. After all, it’s not everyone who can say...

It was the Danish wedding of the year; not even the royals could have topped it. After all, it’s not everyone who can say that they got married in the forest with the Easter Bunny, Snow Queen and dancing Christmas Tree in attendance. Or that Santa Claus forgot the rings.

Sine Andersen, 21, and Rune Jamrath Hansen, 28, dedicate a large part of their year to their work as elves in the Danish Santa Claus Guild. So it was only fitting that their wedding kicked off the annual Santa Claus World Congress, taking place in Bakken, Copenhagen this week.

Arriving by horse-drawn carriage, Sine the Elf was dressed in a billowing red satin dress and veil decorated with traditional Danish Christmas decorations. Her bridegroom, decked out in his red elf costume, waited patiently for her on the stage in front of the 150 Santa Clauses from around the globe and 300-400 curious guests.

Andersen works as a ventriloquist when not helping out Santa, so it was only fitting that her puppet was carried down the aisle behind her, dressed in her own little bridesmaid outfit.

The wedding couple looked on nervously when the Santa Alderman forgot the rings, but a nearby wizard saved the day by setting a rose on fire – the petals burning away to reveal the rings.

The marriage is the second legal one that has taken place at the annual congress and provided a welcome addition to the event which sees the Santa Clauses exchange ideas and knowledge about how best to tell the story of Santa Claus and help children around the world.

‘There’s more focus on Santa than ever, even though times and the world have changed. There may be war and other unpleasant things happening out there, but we only talk to the kids about the good and positive and people think that’s a great thing,’ said the Santa Alderman, whose alter-ego Henrik Jacobsen works as a prison guard.

Santa Ron from Luton, England, has attended the congress for the last seven years and has been donning the red suit for 46 years. He began taking part for his kids and hasn’t stopped since. Not that his wife misses him in December, as she also joins in as Mrs Claus.

‘It’s in our wedding vows that I’m not around on Christmas eve or Christmas morning because I go out knocking on doors to make sure I’ve delivered the right presents and collect for charity,’ said Santa Ron, who added that the best part of the job was putting a smile on people’s faces. And with that he was off to greet another curious child.


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