Ministerial cycle team takes a tumble

The prime minister received a knock to the head and his food minister bowed out with a broken shoulder from a charity cycle race The charity cycle race from Denmark to Paris hasn’t been an easy ride for the prime...

The charity cycle race from Denmark to Paris hasn’t been an easy ride for the prime minister or his food minister after a number of accidents beset the tour.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Food Minister Eva Kjær Hansen are just two of the hundreds of competitors taking part in the 1,252 kilometre cycle raising money for the Children’s Cancer Society.

However, both ministers took a tumble on the second stage from Schleswig to Farge in Germany, with Hansen ending up in hospital with a broken shoulder.

Hansen’s participation in the ride came to an end on Sunday when the riders attempted to overtake a horsebox, but got caught in the path of an oncoming car. The resulting confusion saw the food minister end up in the ditch.

An x-ray at the nearby hospital confirmed that she had broken her right shoulder blade and she was flown home to Denmark today, reports Politiken newspaper.

The prime minister didn’t fare much better when his team of cyclists were halted by a railway crossing further down the route. When the group attempted to move on, Rasmussen lost control when crossing the slippery tracks.

Eyewitnesses said the prime minister fell from his bike, hitting his head on the roadway and brought down two other cyclists with him.

Rasmussen, who was wearing a helmet, was given the all clear by the team medic and continued on with the rest of the team.

The riders are due to reach Paris by Friday.


The Copenhagen Post

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