The kids are alright

Fame and fortune take a backseat to family and friends for Denmark's youth

Popular images of young Danes as spoiled, materialistic and hungry for 15 minutes of fame fall by the wayside in light of a global survey of today's youth.

Kairos Future, a Stockholm-based consultancy firm, interviewed 22,500 young people from 17 countries, including Denmark. The survey quizzed young people between the ages of 16 and 29 about a range of issues including what threats they see to the future and what are their priorities for adult life.

Danish youth followed international trends, for the most part, but also distinguished themselves in a number of ways.

The survey revealed, for example, that young Danes desired fame far less than their compatriots from China and Russia.

In addition, Danes joined Norwegians as being among the most satisfied with their country, yet also being the most widely travelled in the world around them.

Concerns about unemployment ranked low among Danish kids as well.

The figures revealed a picture that differed sharply from the generation of self-centred brats often presented by the media, according to Jeppe Bruus Christensen, president of the Danish Youth Council.

'The study portrays a picture of informed youth who dream about being part of a community,' Christensen told metroXpress newspaper. 'Probably in a different way than their parents and the generations before them, but the majority of young people are not superficial and egocentric.'

Christensen also noted that Danish youth shared the same concerns about the environment with young people from other countries.

'They agree about the major things: family and friends are the most important and environmental concerns loom everywhere. That's also a more probable threat for young people than the older generation.'

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