Have you hugged a Dane today?

Danes top the list of affectionate countries, according to a new British survey

Danes lead the way when it comes to giving hugs, according to the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB).

The survey encompassed eight European countries and showed that Danes and Spaniards were the best at embracing their fellow country-folk.

Some 60 percent of Danes and their Spanish counterparts hugged each other daily while the Dutch and French were the most reserved with daily physical contact.

The survey shatters the stereotype of 'cold' Danes and sensual southern Europeans.

'Danes are a product of a welfare society. We live more in the 'now' and don't need to worry about the future,' said Lene Otto, a lecturer in the European Ethnology faculty at Copenhagen's University to public service broadcaster.

Over a third of the population of Denmark also sings aloud on a daily basis, and 80 percent of them laugh daily. Danes were also found to dance more often than folk from other countries.

'We are also less restrained because we aren't used to someone standing over our shoulder all the time, as in other countries,' said Otto.

Frenchmen and Italians were found to be most reserved and shy, according to BMRB. The French population was found to laugh 20 percent less than the average of other countries.

Danes did show to be inhibited in one area of the survey: crying. Shedding tears is more common in Greece than elsewhere in Europe.

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