Police seek more surveillance cameras

More surveillance cameras in public spaces would aid investigations in the event of a terrorist attack, claim Copenhagen Police

The use of surveillance cameras is limited to banks, airports and a few other public spaces in Denmark.

The assistant head of Copenhagen Police, Mogens Kjærgaard Møller, would like to change that state of affairs, however, stating that the cameras could aid investigations in the event of a terrorist attack.

'A camera reveals with an objectivity that the human eye cannot match. So it can serve as an extremely good witness,' he said.

Møller emphasised that the decision to install more surveillance cameras would require a thorough debate, however.

British police made use of recordings made by surveillance cameras to identify terrorists after the London bombings last week.

London has one of the highest numbers of surveillance cameras per capita in the world. The average Briton is caught in a camera lens over 300 times per day.

If a similar terrorist incident took place in Copenhagen, Danish police would be hard pressed to gather information, since legislation limits the use of the cameras in Denmark.

Danes are generally also positive about installing more cameras. A report from the Danish Crime Prevention Council found that two out of three Danes were not opposed to video cameras recording them on the street.

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