Jealous boyfriend responsible for bomb threat

Large sections of the Christianshavn neighbourhood were evacuated Tuesday after police received a report that a suspicious car might contain explosives

Copenhagen Police have apprehended the man who called in a bomb threat on Tuesday that led to the evacuation of large parts of the Christianshavn neighbourhood.

The man responsible for the call said he had planted a bomb in his girlfriend's car because he believed she was involved in a lesbian relationship.

Roughly 300 people were evacuated for much of the afternoon as explosive experts and the Defence Forces' guided robot investigated the scene.

Investigating the car presented difficulties for police, spokesman Flemming Steen Munch told national broadcaster DR, because the car contained a number of places to hide explosives.

The evacuation was further delayed because schoolchildren needed to be brought to safe locations, he said.

'Students at the school and children at day-care centres had to be brought to safe locations,' said Munch. 'A number of parents were nervous about where their children were, and that is of course regrettable. But our job is to ensure safety.'

After investigating the car from a distance, police removed the vehicle for a further analysis.

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