Park guests slash and burn

Cheap, disposable grills are leaving their mark on the city's parks as summer visitors place the grills on lawns, scorching the grass underneath

There's nothing like the smell of a sizzling BBQ on summer evenings. Unfortunately, the city's park service can also report that the smell of sizzling grass is also a common feature, as park guests place their inexpensive disposable grills on park lawns.

The result: black spots can be found sprouting up where grass once grew in Fælledparken, Valbyparken and Christianshavns Vold.

Ole Suadicani of the city's park service told daily JP København that recent good weather has seen an increase in the black spots.

'Under the grills, temperatures reach about 500 degrees and all of the roots 20-25 cm in the ground get simply boiled to pieces. The heat sterilises the ground, making it difficult to get grass to grow their again,' said Suadicani.

In addition, people place the grills directly on tabletops, leaving the equipment burnt to a crisp. The items have to be replaced, placing an extra burden on tight budgets.

Suadicani encouraged guests to place a bit of insulation under the grill to protect lawns and tables.

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