Danes in Polish livestock abuse probe

The 60 Danish pork producers behind Northern Europe's largest hog farm, Poldanor, have been reported along with nearby slaughterhouse Prime Food to Polish police for animal abuse

Polish activist Marek Kryda told the Danish General Workers' Union (SiD) newsletter that animal protection group OTOZ shot hidden camera footage at Prime Food, documenting appalling conditions for pork hogs bound for slaughter. OTOZ has since reported Poldanor and Prime Food to police.

"The hogs are butchered while still conscious, and thrown into hot water before they're dead," Kryda said of the footage, which was shot one year ago.

Prime Food is owned by the 60 Danish hog producers behind Poldanor. The company has received DKK 31.9 million in share capital and DKK 19.1 million in loans from the Danish Investment Fund for Eastern Europe.

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