Road to the euro kicks off today

Parliament is treating the issue of the euro today in a lengthy hearing that could pave the way for an eventual referendum to introduce the currency to DenmarkThe Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has indicated that the parliament is paving...

The Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has indicated that the parliament is paving the way for a euro referendum, if the Socialist People’s Party (SF) is in agreement.

A hearing is underway in parliament today with experts and MPs discussing the pros and cons of introducing the common European currency.

The prime minister told Politiken newspaper that the euro process would begin with this initial hearing and that he is open to a further hearing this spring, if necessary.

Rasmussen insisted that all pro-EU parties would have to be behind the introduction of the currency before it could be put to a public referendum. SF has submitted a long list of requirements that it wants achieved before it will commit to the introduction of the euro.

SF wants the establishment of measures to protect currency against speculation, take employment issues more seriously and create greater investments in environmental industries.

The prime minister said that developments are progressing in line with SF’s demands.

‘I have noticed that one of SF’s needs, before they will consider a referendum on the euro, is better regulation of the international capital markets, and that is precisely what is underway.’

SF party chairman, Villy Søvndahl, is still unconvinced of the PM’s claims that the requirements will be met.

‘It’s good that the prime minister is optimistic, but what Fogh has outlined is far from meeting our requirements.’


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