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K2 survivor | A Greenlandic mountain climber narrowly avoided death on K2 mountain last week after an avalanche killed at least nine climbers. Nick Nielsen was part of an expedition to climb the world's second highest peak and shared a...

Polluting cars | New figures released by Skat, the Danish tax authorities, show an increase in the number of old, polluting cars imported to Denmark.  Imports of cars that are more than 10 years old increased from 36,000 in 2006 to 57,000 last year. Many of the old, used cars are being imported from Germany, reports Børsen financial daily. Germany has introduced environmental zones in many cities, making old cars with high CO2 outputs undesirable. Old cars are especially appealing to a Danish buyer, because the car tax system is primarily based on the value of the vehicle.

Cheating fines | The police traffic department dropped over 6,000 cases of foreigners speeding in Denmark last year, because it lacks a system that would deal with international speeders. Nordjyske Stiftidende newspaper reports that the Police National Traffic Center is working towards a common EU system that will make it easier to follow up on speeding fines. However, Helge Holbek of the police traffic centre said there was no way of telling when such a system will be established.


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