Zealand bus services to be slashed next year

Rising oil prices cause bus company to announce cutbacks in its service on Zealand Commuters on Zealand will see a sharp reduction in local bus services from January next year as transportation company Movia warns it can no longer afford...

Movia, which is responsible for all public bus transport east of the Great Belt, said that increasing economic pressure, namely from rising oil prices, will force the company to introduce drastic cost-saving measures.

The company provides bus services to 45 municipalities and two regions, including the capital. In order to keep the current schedule, they need an extra 200 million kroner, according to Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

Bus services in Copenhagen will be hard hit as the municipality can no longer avoid paying diesel tax, following an EU ruling.

The state will cover the loss, but only in relation to the number of residents - not the scale of traffic.

Copenhagen municipality has twice the amount of bus traffic per resident than an average municipality and is left with an extra bill of at least 40 million kroner, said Jesper Christensen, a member of the Movia board.

'With the price increase in diesel and the tax changes, the company's finances are under pressure. I don't think it can add up without busses disappearing from routes,' said Christensen.

Carina Christensen, the minister of transport, has previously said that she cannot interfere in municipalities' responsibility for public transport.


The Copenhagen Post

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