China censors Danish art gallery

The Chinese government has ordered a Danish-operated art gallery not to display Andy Warhol pictures for security reasons Up to 38 athletic paintings by late American artist Andy Warhol have been forbidden to be displayed at Danish-owned Galleri Faurschou in...

But gallery management says the real reason for the ban is to force visitors to concentrate on Chinese art.

Galleri Faurschou believes it had previously received approval for the Warhol exhibit from European representatives of the Chinese government. But customs officials are now refusing to release the pictures.

'We sent out 500 invitations, the catalogues were printed and the pictures' owners had arrived in Beijing, but on Tuesday we had to cancel everything,' Kai Heinze, the gallery's manager, told Politiken newspaper.

Heinze said other galleries have been forced to change some of their exhibits to Chinese displays as well.

He said Galleri Faurschou would probably be allowed to show the Warhol exhibit after the Olympic Games are over, but added the business had already wasted nine months work and lost around 300,000 kroner in investments planning the display.


The Copenhagen Post

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