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Stork demise premature | Reports last week that the stork's 600 year presence in Denmark had come to its end appear to have been premature. A nesting pair has been observed in Lower Jutland, near the Skjern Stream wildlife preserve....

New pagan cemetery | Worshippers of Norse gods such as Thor, Odin and Freja are to be given their own burial ground. The city of Odense has given permission to establish what is believed to be the first officially recognised pagan cemetery in over 1000 years. The Ása religion was recognised as an official religion in Denmark in 2003. Since then, its membership has tripled to 600, and, according to leading members, receiving their cemetery is the ultimate sign of recognition.

German can deposit | The time honoured custom of crossing over the German border to stock up on cases of inexpensive canned beer would all but dry up, if a deposit were charged, a poll conducted by Danish grocers finds. Danes are currently exempt from the German deposit, but Troels Lund Poulsen, the environment minister, is lobbying the German government to eliminate the rule. Doing so, Poulsen believes, would result in fewer cans ending up as litter. The National Association of Grocers said it was surprised by the effect the exemption had on consumers.

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