For Danes, any time is beer time

Whether drinking a cold one after work, or raising a glass to the newlyweds, it seems that beer is an inextricable part of Danish life

For a country whose flagship brewery is set to become the world's largest, it seems appropriate that the vast majority of Danes feel that beer is an appropriate beverage to drink on most occasions, according to a new survey.

The days when office canteens allowed workers to enjoy a bottle of Carlsberg or Tuborg during lunch break may be gone but for most Danes. But according to SABMiller, a joint British-South African brewer, beer is still much more a part of social occasions in Denmark than in wine-belt nations such as Italy and France.

Take weddings for example. Here, 80 percent of Danes say it's acceptable to drink a glass of beer during the festivities. And while other northern European countries Sweden and the Netherlands have the same opinion, only 23 percent of Italians felt so.

When it comes to dinnertime, wholly 95 percent of Danes say a beer makes home cooked food go down better, while 93 percent say beer at a restaurant is also acceptable. At only 56 percent, Frenchmen were the least likely to drink beer with food.

And when it comes to drinking beer at social occasions, the study found that Danes took the term 'social drinking' seriously. When out with a group of Danes at a bar, expect that someone in the group will offer to buy a round - even if the group is rather large: at an average round size of 6.4 beers, Danish beer drinkers' generosity came in second only to Belgium's 7.1-drink average.



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