Danish exhibit to open new Chinese museum

Danish dreams about China will contribute to the opening of a new museum in Beijing

The National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg Palace will join a select group of European museums to deliver the opening exhibits for the new Prince Gong Palace Museum in Beijing.

The Prince Gong Palace Museum will open in 2008 in conjunction with the Summer Olympics. The Danish contribution to the opening exhibit will be called 'The Dream of China', and will look at the way Chinese objects and culture have influenced Denmark.

Chinese porcelain and silks first arrived in Denmark in the 1600s, and the exhibit shows how increasing contact with the country made Chinese goods a part of people's lives. It also explores the influence China has had on generations of Danish artists and craftsmen from author Hans Christian Andersen to architect Hans Wegner. 'China has had a bigger influence on Denmark than most people think,' said Mette Skougaard, the director of the National Historic Museum.

'Dream of China' was created for the National Historic Museum and will be shown at Frederiksborg Palace from 15 March to 15 June. The Prince Gong Palace Museum is scheduled to open on 1 August.

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