Executioner wanted

The Copenhagen Opera is searching for a very muscular gentleman to serve as an executioner in an upcoming opera staging

The Copenhagen Opera has a vacancy open for an executioner. The main requirement is a massively muscular body, although a musical ear and a dramatic flair will not be frowned upon, daily newspaper Politiken reported on Wednesday.

The Opera said it was searching for a 180-centimetre high bodybuilder to play the part of an executioner in its upcoming staging of Puccini's Turandot.

Turandot's eponymous villain/heroine is a cold-hearted Chinese princess, who mercilessly has her suitors beheaded if they fail to answer her three riddles. The executioner can thus expect to be kept busy throughout the performance.

The opera will be performed in Copenhagen's new Opera House in October and November. Aspiring executioners can expect to participate in ten rehearsals, beginning on 27 September, as well as nine performances from 14 October till 8 November.

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