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Italian Mafia boss arrested in Denmark

Danish police arrest wanted Mafia boss from Rome in Frederikshavn

A 50-year-old Italian was arrested on Tuesday in the port town of Frederikshavn, Denmark. The man, a convicted Mafia boss, was on the run from a 20-year prison sentence in Italy.

Italian authorities issued an international arrest order on the man in October. He was convicted for attempted murder, drug dealing, blackmail, and bombings, according to the Copenhagen Police.

The man was arrested with a group of local men from Frederikshavn at a house in the town after police had surrounded the area.

"We received information that the man was especially dangerous," said Detective Jørgen Hansen of the Frederikshavn Police, who said no shots were fired during the arrest.

Police from Italy arrived in Copenhagen on Monday, and the man is expected to appear before a judge in Copenhagen on Wednesday for a hearing on his disposition.

The police said the arrest in Frederikshavn had no connection to Italian police raids Tuesday against the Mafia in Sicily in which 46 people were arrested.

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