South Sweden´s Iraqis to vote in Denmark

Ten thousand Iraqis living in South Sweden may vote in Denmark

Many of 10,000 Iraqis living in South Sweden prefer to vote in Denmark on January 30, instead of polling stations in Gothenburg or Stockholm, Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan reported on Thursday.

Iraqis in Malmö say it is more convenient for them to vote in Denmark than travel hundreds of kilometers to Swedish polling stations, because of the Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden.

It takes 50 minutes to travel by train from Malmö Central Station to the polling station in Høje Taastrup, a Copenhagen suburb.

Christian Christensen, leader of the International Organization for Migration, which runs the election in Denmark for the Iraqi Election Commission, said he did not believe 10,000 of Sweden´s Iraqi voters would turn up in Høje Taastrup.

"We're prepared to process around 4,000 of the Iraqis from Sweden," Christensen said. "If 10,000 show up, there are going to be problems with long lines and extended opening hours at the polling station."

But Christensen added that the organization would find a solution if thousands more arrived at the polling station.

Approximately 100,000 Iraqis live in Sweden and 15,000 in Denmark. Denmark and Sweden are two of 14 countries in the world outside of Iraq where Iraqis can vote in the election.

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