Computer game sales up in Denmark

New figures from the National Multimedia Association reveal a 20 percent rise in computer game sales in Denmark this year compared to last - with much of the increase concentrated in the Christmas shopping season

Game titles marketed to adult players, along with family games are doing especially brisk business on the Danish market. According to National Multimedia Association chairman Peter Weile, the median age of the Danish computer gamer has risen in recent years.

"Computer games aren't just for kids anymore. PC and game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation2 have moved from boys' bedrooms to the family living room, and have become a natural part of the Danish consumer's array of entertainment options," said Weile.

The average computer game player's age is 23 in Europe and 29 in the United States. According to the multimedia group, the rising number of adult gamers is apparent in retail sales figures, where adult titles like Half-Life 2 and Ghost Recon 2 are among the top sellers.

Figures from the Entertainment Software Association have revealed that 39 percent of all game players are women, who are especially drawn to titles like Sims 2 and Backpacker.

"Many Danish homes will experience families coming together around computer games this holiday season. Whereas families used to put Lego pieces together with the kids or do puzzles and board games together, the PC and game console have become a more prominent centerpiece for family togetherness," explained Weile.

The National Multimedia Association is a consortium of Danish producers and game distributors.

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