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Getting the gang back together: Bush family, friends convene in Texas to celebrate H.W.

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Portraits of former Presidents Goerge W. Bush, left, and his father George H.W. Bush which are part of the exhibit "The Art of Leadership: A President's Diplomacy," are on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. The exhibit of world leader portraits painted by George W. Bush opened Saturday and runs through June 3.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — About 600 of George H.W. Bush's closest friends, administration officials, political allies and family members headed to his presidential library in Texas this past weekend to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his presidency. Familiar faces such as former Secretary of State James Baker, ex-chief of staff John Sununu, and onetime Vice President Dan Quayle spent the time reminiscing about their glory days, eating heaping plates of barbecue and listening to liv

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