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News in English 27.02.2009 kl. 11:29

Public write the facts for themselves on new online encyclopaedia

A new online encyclopedia will be the biggest free information source online in DanishBook publisher Gyldendal has decided to put its Great Danish Encyclopaedia on the internet with free access to all, reports Politiken newspaper.The original 54-kilo, 22,000 kroner printed...

The original 54-kilo, 22,000 kroner printed edition of the publication has been digitalised for years on CD-Rom and on an internet pay version, but now Gyldendal wants to reach a wider audience, according to Lars Boesgaard, head of the publisher’s factual division.

‘We’re very much inspired by Wikipedia and our encyclopaedia is meant to function as a supplement to what one can find on that website,’ he said.

Boesgaard added that like Wikipedia, users can add articles to the website’s database. However, a group of 1,100 voluntary experts will regularly monitor the website’s content for accuracy and the name of the article’s author will appear on each text as well.

Gyldendal’s 160,000 article database is already larger than the Danish language site of Wikipedia which has only 103,780 articles. But Boesgaard said the website is still in its ‘experimental’ phase and he hopes the database can be considerably broadened over time.

‘This is the first time a publisher has experimented with user input,’ he said. ‘For example, we’ve never been strong in the pop culture field, so we’re hoping to create a dynamic where people can contribute with their own expertise.’


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