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Dane dies in 'honour killing' in Pakistan

A Danish mother was shot by her brother-in-law in Pakistan in a so-called 'honour killing'; Danish authorities are powerless to press charges A Danish-born woman, with Pakistani roots, was shot and killed by her brother-in-law 12 days ago in a...

A Danish-born woman, with Pakistani roots, was shot and killed by her brother-in-law 12 days ago in a Pakistani village.

According to Berlingske Tidende newspaper, who have seen Pakistani police reports into the killing, the woman was killed by the man for not following his orders. He and three other in-laws are in police custody in Pakistan.

The 31-year-old woman had been living with her husband's family in the village of Kharian for three years. The husband came to Denmark 10 years ago and still lives here. The victim's father said the family had treated his daughter atrociously because she could not have any more children. He accused the husband of being involved in the plot to kill her.

The husband was in Denmark at the time of the killing and was arrested and held for three days last week. Ove Dahl of the Copenhagen police told Berlingske that the man was released because they did not receive any instructions from the Pakistani authorities. He said that they are still in touch with the Pakistani authorities via Interpol.

'It is so easy for Pakistanis to be killed in this manner back in Pakistan, because the perpetrators are rarely punished. It's necessary to have better police cooperation with a country like Pakistan,' said Unni Wikan, an anthropologist and expert on 'honour killings' from Oslo University.

The political spokesperson for the prime minister's Liberal party, Anne-Mette Winther Christensen, told public broadcaster DR that the EU countries need to come together on the issue of 'honour killings' as their joint influence will be stronger than that as individual countries.

The foreign ministry confirmed that the Danish woman had been killed.

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